Medicines can be highlighted with two different shades of green on the history grid of dosepack patients. The two shades have different meanings: 

regular  In Pack  items such as pills and capsules can be highlighted with a darker green,

while a paler green can be used to mark inhalers and other  With Pack  items.

When on an item in the history grid, whether an item is In Pack or With Pack will be indicated on the bottom right of the screen (see screenshot below).

Replace me!

In the screenshot above, most of the items in the dosepack are rxs from 10 October except the Duolin. Having the dosepack prescription items highlighted on a patient history grid is an excellent visual aid to remind pharmacy to replace old scripts with new in the dosepack.

How do I mark a dosepack item as With dosepack?

By default,  In Pack  is selected for a medicine in a dosepack. To change this, edit the dosepack in question, select the medicine, and press F6 Edit Item.

On the item options screen, tick With dosepack, and press F12 Accept Details.

To highlight dosepack items on a patient’s history grid, from the Main Menu go to:

  • 7. Administration
  • 1. Setup
  • 5. General options
  • press F11 Next page
  • then tick Highlight dosepack prescriptions on history grid at the bottom left of the screen