Details of all scripts dispensed at a pharmacy are sent to the broker – the electronic exchange – to be stored.  This includes both scanned e-scripts and manually entered Rxs. This data can be viewed and used by other health agencies and therefore needs to be as accurate as possible.

To this end, the MOH has required Toniq to make programmatic changes to the Dispensary program to avoid corruption of e-prescription data.  They requested that it not be possible to change the patient on any e-script, as this has been shown to introduce errors.  

If you edit a script and try to select a different patient you will see the following prompt:

When you realise the patient is incorrect and must be changed, delete and re-enter the relevant item(s) on the script using the correct patient. 

Note: deleting an e-prescription makes it available on the cloud again, meaning that you will be able to re-scan it if necessary.