Ministry of Health

With the challenges pharmacy have had recently, it is sometimes hard to keep up with new rules and regulations surrounding ePrescribing. The Ministry of Health ePrescription Service webpage is a good source of information. Particularly relevant are the pages on:

  • new rules for electronic prescriptions
  • ePrescriptions for controlled drugs
  • signature exempt prescriptions, and
  • secure messaging

All these pages have documents which can be downloaded and printed, so they can be read and referred to when required.


The Toniq ePrescribing Manual (in C:\Program Files (x86)\Dispensary\Manuals on any computer which has Toniq installed) has information on processing ePrescriptions, and sections covering medicine selection and trouble shooting

Other articles are available on the Toniq Library, you can search for 'eRx' and select from the list of available responses. Here are some common articles below.