With many of the medicines becoming stat once again this can cause issues in cycles where you don't have 'monthly dispensing' flag set. Following the steps below will save you time.

1) Monthly dispensing

ensure your institution has "monthly dispensing" ticked

From the main menu

  • 5. Dosepacks
  • 7. Administration
  • 1. Institution maintenance
  • Select the institution
  • F11 Next page
  • Ensure "monthly dispensing" is ticked

2) What to do if you see these warnings

a) Stat medicine - repeats now stat

Ensure original is marked 'Disp Freq' or repeats will be rejected in claim

This error is alerting you to the fact that this medicine is now stat and the original is not flagged dispensing frequency. So long as you have "monthly dispensing" set on the institution the cycle will not stat the repeats.

If the original was dispensed when the medicine was "non-stat" (before 1 August) then this message can be ignored, repeats will claim normally.

Further to this, when the cycle is run and creates the next original, Toniq will automatically flag the original "dispensing frequency," meaning the copied scripts and its repeats will claim correctly. You will see the warning message below to notify you "dispensing frequency" has been set. There is nothing else to do for this warning.

b) Stat medicine - previous Rx 'non-stat'. Generated new Rx as 'stat'

If you see this message, the patient is either not in an institution or the institution is not flagged "monthly dispensing" as per point 1 above. 

The medicine has been copied from previous script and dispensed stat. If you didn't want this to be dispensed stat then you will need to edit the prescription, unstat and flag "dispensing frequency" if appropriate.