Perform stocktakes in real time with the Android Toniq Mobile app and device. These stocktakes will show a variety of information about the medicine or product scanned/entered and allow you to update the stock count.

Once the stock count has been updated, this information is live for every Toniq computer on the network.

Stocktaking works for both Dispensary and Retail, and there is an initial staff set up required before a user has access to use the device for stocktaking. Please see article Staff Configuration and Security for more information on staff set up.

Connecting to server and logging in

Choose Stocktake from app menu

Once logged into Toniq Mobile and connected to the server, you can choose the appropriate menu option.

Multiple stock points

If your system has multiple stock points, you will be prompted to choose the appropriate stock point after selecting the stocktaking menu option.

If there is only 1 stock point available, that will be selected automatically.

Changing stock point

If you need to change the stockpoint during your stocktake, tap the stock point name at the top to bring the list back up, then select the new stock point.

Scanning and Selecting Medicines or Products

If using a android stocktaking device, selecting medicines is as easy as pressing the scan button on the device and scanning the barcode of either the Toniq Printed label, or the Medicine or Product packaging.

Blow is a quick explanation of the different displays and options

Please note: Camera mode for mobile smartphones relies on the devices own camera focus and scan resolution abilities and is not configurable within the App.  

Scanning barcodes with device scanner

When scanning barcodes, ensure the flashing cursor is in the Item Search field.
Then point your device scanner towards the barcode and press the scan button.

Scanning barcodes with camera mode

When scanning barcodes, ensure the flashing cursor is in the Item Search field.

Enable camera mode switch (right of the Item Search field), then focus your device camera on the barcode.

Entering barcode or pharmacode manually

You can also enter any barcode or pharmacode into the Item Search manually with the onscreen or device keyboard.

Press the search icon that will appear on your device keyboard (or press Enter).

Please note: on screen keyboards and icons can vary for different devices

Checking and updating stock on hand

Once the medicine or product has been selected, a new information display will appear giving a variety of information and an area to check or update the stock on hand for that item.

Either leave the value already entered or change to a new value, then click update