You can run a Transaction Audit report to help check Rxs that are parked. 


From the main menu in Retail: 

  •  6 Reports, 4 Audit/Utility reports, 8 Transaction audit
  • F3 Add and give the report a name so you can use this template again in the future
  • Enter a relevant Start and End date as required (we would suggest running this report weekly or even daily). 
  • Make sure Show full transaction is ticked

  • F11 Next page. Tick the Parked rx items
  • Make sure Show Zero Rx IS ticked
  • OPTIONAL: If you ONLY want to see Rxs where a value is involved then..
  • In the Transaction type area make sure Total sale > is 0.01

  • F12 Accept details
  • Then either F10 View Pages (we would advise viewing so you can see how many pages the report will be before you decide to print), Print F12, PDF file F4, Csv file F5 or File F7 (for a text file).