When you need to return stock to a supplier, use a Credit Order. 

Creating the Credit Order

From the Main Menu in Dispensary:

  • 2 Stock Control, 1 New Order
  • Check for and select an existing Credit order type.
    If not found, press F3 [New Type]. This will give you a new order type.
    Enter the name of the order e.g. CREDIT ORDER.
    You will now be able to keep using this order type in the future
  • Choose the relevant supplier - Press the space bar and ENTER and select from the choices in the dropdown box (you will be changing this supplier according to where the credit is being returned to each time)
  • Set the Min Cover field to 0
  • Set the Max Cover field to (C=Credit)
  • F12 [Accept Details]  to create the blank credit order. The function key boxes (at the top) will be in RED – denoting that this is a credit order.

Once the Credit Order is created

  • Add the product(s) that need to be returned to the supplier. Check the quantities and costs are correct.

NB: The credit order has an option to not reduce stock (Function key Reduce SOH? F8).  IF you returned the item as ‘Faulty’ at POS then the SOH did NOT increase at that time. So, in that case, you would NOT want to reduce stock while processing the Credit Order. After pressing F8 Reduce SOH column will show No Adj. (see image below).


  • F11 [Adjust SOH] will process the Credit
    • IF you collect additional order information (based on your set up), a prompt will appear to enter this information now, which includes the "Credit reason" field.
      Fill in all the fields, then F12 [Accept Details]
    • OR
      ‘Enter reason for credit’ box may appear instead,
      Enter the reason for credit then press Enter to continue to next step
  • An option to Print the credit order will appear
    (escape will continue without printing)
  • A - Adjust stock and accept order - will complete the process
    or you can cancel here, if changes need to be made

Please note: steps above may vary depending on your system set up

Delete / Remove Completed Credit Orders

Once you have received your credit note or replacement stock from the relevant supplier you can then delete the Credit Order from the Edit Orders list.

To do this: search the list of Edit Orders, select the credit order, then F10 Other, 4 Delete order.

Printing Orders

You can print a credit order (or any order) at any time using the F9 Print Order button at the top of the order screen.

Once an order is received, deleted or not longer available from the list of Edit Orders, you can still print an order report using the Report Received Orders report.

From main menu: 3. Reports, 6. Stock reports, 8. Report received orders

There are a variety of options here to help find and reprint any received order or completed credit order.