You can have a separate "Online product name" for products in Toniq, and that online name will be sent to your website instead of the Retail product description.

This is used for more customer friendly product names, as the Retail product description is often shortened and only Retail staff may be able to read and interpret it.

Individual Product

From the main menu:

  • 2. Stock control -> 3. Stock maintenance -> 2. Maintain product
  • Search for your product, select the stockcard from the list
  • [F11] Next Page x3 -> Page 4 Online details
  • First option is tags
  • Enter your online name

Multiple Products In Bulk

From the main menu:

  • 2. Stock control -> 3. Stock maintenance -> 1. Maintain products in bulk
  • Use [F3] Add to create a new list OR use an existing criteria from the saved list
  • Generate your bulk list, then confirm the list has no unwanted items
  • [F4] Set Other -> O. Online options menu -> D. Online product names edit
  • Should be presented with a two lists such as below:

  • You can use [F5] Copy Desc to copy existing product descriptions (see below image):
    • B Blank Online product names fields only (don't overwrite existing online names)
    • A ALL Online product name fields (overwrite existing online names)

  • You can use [F7] Edit Name to do a "Search & Replace" to search for any matching part of a name and replace it:
    • If I search for "mg" and replace it with "TEST":
    • Results:

  • [F12] Accept Details -> [F12] Accept Details -> Y. Yes to confirm changes to products.