Important Info:

Breakdown of what Retail data is uploaded to the website, and which fields get populated.




Product description


Product name

PLU code


Unique product code

Last Barcode



Sell price


Unit price




Catalogue (if no Manufacturer)



eShopLink Category

Collections & Product type


Individual Products:

  • Bring up the product stock card (2. Stock control → 3. Stock maintenance → 2. Maintain product → Search/scan product)

  • To mark a stock card for website integration, you need to select an eShopLink category (marked in Red below) on page 1:

    • Tells the service that this product needs to be synced to the website, and to update the website when flagged fields change in Retail.

    • You can create new categories same as other fields, type in the name and push enter. If the category does not show in the list, select F3 Add and then F12 Accept Details to save.

  • F12 Accept Details again once you’ve selected a category, then wait up to 15 minutes for the changes to flow to the website.

In Bulk:

  • Go to maintain products in bulk (2. Stock control → 3. Stock maintenance → 1. Maintain products in bulk)

  • Use a previously saved criteria from the search list, or start new with F3 Add

  • Generate your bulk list using criteria:

    • Do it in batches by group or department, allows you to set more accurate eShopLink categories/Shopify collections for the website

    • Keep the criteria simple, more criteria add more restriction on product selection

    • F12 Accept Details to generate the list

  • Many customers want to start with their top selling products. The easiest way to do this is generate a Sales analysis report, export to CSV then copy the PLU codes from that report into maintain products in bulk using F10 Other → V Paste product Ids

  • Once the list is up, under F5 Set P1 Opts you can set the same options in bulk as on individual items:

    • You can create new categories same here as well. Select the option, then type the name and push enter, F3 Add and then F12 Accept Details to save

  • F12 Accept Details and Yes confirm changes to apply changes to all products, and wait up to 15 minutes for changes to start flowing through. It won’t all appear at once, Shopify have a system to gradually apply changes in small batches.