Shopify CMS has the ability to send manual orders to customers directly from the Shopify Admin Portal.
This is especially helpful for pharmacies who are trying to operate as remotely as possible, where they can send script charges with freight/delivery fees (if any) to customers to pay via their online store checkout.

Quick Note: It is also possible to add a question to your Shopify Checkout, eg "Contactless Delivery service: would you like your prescription or online purchase dropped off and left at the door, without interaction?"
If you would like this option added, please email

Generating a Draft Order

  1. From within Shopify web admin, go to Orders

  2. Click the "Create order" button top right

  3. Select products in search box,
    or use "Add custom item" link above browse products button

  4. Custom item:
    give this an obvious description eg RxItem (1234567/1)
    Enter the value, $5.00
    Enter the Quantity, 1
    ensure "item is taxable" is ticked
    Click "Save line item" to add to draft order

  5. Add shipping:
    Click "Add shipping" link, then select Free Shipping if there is no delivery charge,
    or select Custom and enter amount they need to pay

  6. Add client: 
    on the right is the client search for existing users of online store.
    Or add a client at this time, fill in the appropriate details such as first and last name

  7. When draft order is complete, select "Email invoice"
    this will bring up a new window

  8. To: customers email address automatically appears here, otherwise enter email if not entered previously
    Change subject if you wish, eg Your Pharmacy Prescription Invoice {{name}}
    Custom message can be added, see notes further down this page about custom message

  9. When draft order is ready, click "Review email"

  10. If you need to edit anything, click Back and make the appropriate changes,
    OR send the Draft Order with "Send notification"


What happens next

  • The user will receive an email, they need to click "Complete your purchase" to be taken to the Checkout page on the website.
  • They will most likely need to re-enter all the customer information (a little annoying).
  • Enter their payment method etc, and then finish the order online.
  • This should then notify you via the usual channels.
  • The Draft Order will convert into a normal order invoice on Shopify.


Where are your Draft Orders?

You can find and review any draft orders online, just go to Orders tab, then select Drafts on left side. These could be:

  • OPEN Draft orders started and not finished, emailed to client

  • INVOICE SENT Draft orders completed, and emailed to the client, but not yet paid online

eShopLink Downloaded Sales

NB: Only relevant if the store has eShopLink Import module (downloads the sales)

The manually created sales will be downloaded into Toniq normally, and the manually created products eg scripts, will appear as Unknown products.

Optional: They can edit the sale within Toniq to add the client/patient, and also unpark the real script into the sale, then delete the unknown product lines, complete the sale edit to save these changes.

Custom message with Draft Order:

You can prepare a custom message in notepad to be re-used, this can include any other generic details you may wish to send the customer to help them complete the sale emailed to them, and instructions such as "deliveries will be made once payment has been confirmed".

Example message below:

Hi {{customer.first_name}},
Here is the prescription invoice you wish to be remote delivered. Please pay online via the website and we will deliver this to you within 2 business days.
Click the "Complete your purchase" button below, then follow the prompts to complete this request.
Thank you
Your Pharmacy