This guide outlines the standard process around a Toniq server/database move.


Example of scenarios that may be covered by this process :- 


  • You have a new PC that has been functioning as a workstation that you now want to be the Toniq Server PC.
  • Your current server is being taken away at some point so the Toniq server function needs to be moved to a temporary PC. 


While the database is being moved no dispensing can take place.  Therefore, this needs to occur outside of your trading hours. Also, as this process is quite involved, Toniq require advance knowledge of the database move to allow for checks and scheduling of the move. 


Armed with the above information the following would be the desired steps for a Toniq Server move :- 

Before the server move:

  1. If the proposed new server PC is brand new – it should be set up (by your hardware person) with the correct user name and password and relevant computer name.
  2. Site to call Toniq well in advance (a few days) to schedule in a mutually convenient date for the database move to occur.
  3. Discuss and agree the computer that will become the new server (minimum specs. to be considered – see website)
  4. Toniq to check the proposed new server is installed with the correct version of SQL. If possible, Toniq will arrange connection to the proposed new server PC (this can be done during your trading hours prior to the scheduled database move). NOTE: If your site uses a paid SQL version Toniq may NOT be able to install this. 
  5. If the current server PC will be removed after the database move, check (with your hardware person) that all relevant printer drivers are installed and that normal printing will occur once the old server PC is removed. Also, any 3rd party software, functionality etc has been transferred to another PC.

Night of the server move:

  1. On the night of the scheduled server move – site will complete their normal end of day process (reporting etc that requires the Toniq program) before calling Toniq.
  2. Call Toniq (03) 341-0195. NOTE: If your site closes after 6.30pm you will need to call the out of hours number.  It is worth testing in advance that your phone system can call the number (0900) 51-551. If testing HANG UP when you hear the “Thank you for calling..” message.
  3. Connect Toniq (via Toniq Helpdesk) to the current server PC and the proposed new server PC.
  4. Other workstation PCs are required to be exited out of any Toniq programs BUT powered on.  (If your workstation PCs are configured to go to sleep, they may fail to receive the message that the server PC has changed – see below “next morning”).
  5. Once Toniq are connected your staff are free to leave.  If staff are remaining at site for any other reason this would be useful information for Toniq as sometimes a connection may be lost. NOTE: If the connection is lost in the middle of the server move Toniq may not be able to run at all (see below “next morning”). Could your site provide a cell phone number for Toniq to contact were this to occur?
  6. Providing everything goes smoothly Toniq will move the database from one PC to another and set up the new server environment (this could take anything from 20 minutes to one hour or even longer if a problem is encountered). 

Next morning:

  1. If possible, arrive on site a few minutes early.
  2. If further procedures need to be addressed Toniq will endeavour to display a note on your new (or old) Toniq server PC.  E.g. “Your back office PC will not be able to open Toniq” (in these instances please call Toniq (03) 341-0195)
  3. First thing the next morning it is advisable for the site to start the Toniq program on all normally used PCs.  This way any unforeseen issues will be picked up as soon as possible.  Contact Toniq immediately (03) 341-0195 if a problem is discovered.

Toniq contact numbers – Business hours (03) 341-0195  After hours (0900) 51-551