Toniq Helpdesk – opening from within the program and from outside of the program!

If you are asked to connect a member of the support team through Toniq Helpdesk, the easiest way is through the program (either Dispensary or Retail).  This is because, normally, you will have the program open anyway and your query will be regarding something to do with the program.  

Connecting from within the program

  • From any main menu Retail or Dispensary

  • Help Desk F5

  • Yes to the message
  • Wait for the names to appear and check it is “Ready to connect”

  • If, instead of “Ready to connect” it says something like “..Launching background process..” THEN WAIT… 
  • Then select the required support person and select “Connect”

Obviously, if your issue is that the program will not start you will not be able to use the above method.  So…

Connecting from outside of the program

  • Look for an icon on your Windows desktop for Toniq Helpdesk

  • Or perform a Windows search for “Toniq Helpdesk” and start it that way