Toniq now integrates with internet payment providers MyPay and PayPlus, allowing for customers to pay using Alipay and WeChatPay.  

Note: This is an add-on module – please contact Toniq for information

Using Internet Payments to Tender at POS

Finish adding customers items to the sale. Press F12 Tender. Your normal list of tenders will appear.

  • Select the MyPay (Alipay / Wepay) tender type

  • Confirm the amount to be charged

  • Using your product scanner, scan the customers payment code off their mobile device.

NB:  If unable to scan the barcode, you can enter in the barcode numbers manually. To view all numbers, TAP the barcode on their mobile device.

  • Toniq will now authenticate the account with MyPay or PayPlus and return with one of the following results:
    • ACCEPTED – Tender will be added, sale can be completed.
    • DECLINED – Tender will be removed; tender options will be listed again.