How to generate a list of clients whose debtor or club card address, post code, email or phone details differ from their Client record?

From the Main Menu in Retail:

  • 4 Contacts / clients, 4 Maintain / contact clients in bulk
  • F3 [Add] (unless you have never saved any criteria name in the past. In which case you will be taken directly to the criteria page)
  • Optional: Add a Criteria name if you want to be able to use again in the future
  • F11 [Next Page]
  • Tick “Mismatched club or account details
  • NB:  Other criteria can be selected as required
  • F11 [Next page], F12 [Accept Details]
  • Once the list is generated you can then review each client's details through F2 [Edit List], E [Edit list customer by customer]
  • F5 [Account Details] (NB this includes Debtor and Club cards for the highlighted client)
  • NB:  If the screen is blank then the client will be linked with a hidden club card or debtor. You will probably want to unlink this from the client.
  • Orange field name indicates where changes occur
  • Use the arrow key to move from Debtor to Club Card and review all changes

  • F12 Accept ONLY IF you are certain you want to change the details (this cannot be undone) or escape.
  • Work your way down the list of clients using the arrow key and review accordingly using the F5 option.
  • Once finished Escape 2x from the client list screen as you have only been amending account details in the above instructions and have not made any edits to the Client record.