Can I change the label type of a job already created?

You can replicate to a different type, provided the products in question have the correct label type assigned.

If you have created a label job with the wrong label type, i.e. you created a Price Label job but actually wanted a Shelf Label job or vice versa, it is possible to Replicate your job (provided the products in questions have the appropriate label type assigned).  

Note: You can use Maintain Products in Bulk to assign the other label type before completing the following (and if need be, you can remove the wrong label type after producing your label job).  


Simply select to edit the incorrect Label Job, press F10 [Other], and choose C [Replicate as …]   


Your new label job will be saved into the Label Job queue as “Replicated Product or Shelf (depending on the original label job type) and the original jobs time and date.”   You will be told of the number of labels unable to be produced if the required label type is NOT assigned to your product.