Maintain your Retail database to maximise its potential!!!

Keep your database clean, tidy and most important ... accurate.

Go to Windows Start and start typing Toniq Manuals, open the folder and then open the file called Database Health Check. OR press the Windows key + R on your keyboard

In the run box type C:\Program Files(x86)\Dispensary\Manuals for a 64 bit system

In the run box type C:\Program Files\Dispensary\Manuals for a 32 bit system

The detailed tasks are grouped by frequency (e.g. monthly/quarterly). Some are easy and quick to complete, and others are a bit more time consuming, but all are designed with one goal in mind ... to keep your database “up to scratch”.  Remember the saying – “garbage in, garbage out”, so ensure your processes are correct and followed by all staff.

Note:  Toniq Manuals are formatted as .pdf and therefore may require you to install a ‘reader’ that can open this type of file.