Logo images can be used as a header to print on your Receipts but can also be printed on your A4 Invoices. The logo image format must be either J-peg (.jpg) or Bitmap (.bmp).

Your logo must be loaded in Receipt options

From the Main Menu in Retail:

  •  7 Administration, 1 Setup, 2 Workstation configuration, 2 Receipt options
  • F11 [Next Page], F6 [Header Bitmap], F4 [Load]
  • Browse to the saved location of your image (use Enter and Backspace to move around your folders)
  • Select the image once found, enter then F12 [Accept Details]
  • Remember to set a height and width :
    • Image width: 600 (can adjust size to suit)
    • Image height: 250

  • F11 [Next Page]
  • Tick “Print receipt image”

  • F12 [Accept Details]

Receipt Logo Printing

Having loaded the image it will print on that workstation on receipts.  If you do not want this to happen then tick the option “Do not print on receipts” underneath the settings of the Width and Height.

NB: This setting is workstation specific.  So, either complete above instructions on each workstation as required or use the ‘Replicate to all’ or ‘copy from’ receipt options.