Logo images can be used as Headers to print on your Receipts. The logo image should be in the format of either Bitmap (.bmp) or J-peg (.jpg).  

NB: To make it easier before you follow the instructions below have your image copied to a flashdrive or make sure you know exactly where your image is located on the PC and the name of the image file.

To load a logo in Receipt option - From the Main Menu in Retail:

  • 7 Administration, 1 Setup, 2 Workstation configuration, 2 Receipt options
  • F11 [Next Page], F6 [Header Image], F4 [Load]
  • Browse to the location where you saved your logo image (use Arrow keys, Enter and Backspace to move around your folders)
  • Select the image once found, enter then F12 [Accept]
  • Remember to set a height and width (10 = 1mm)
    • Image width: 600 (equivalent to 6cm) [Can adjust size to suit]
    • Image height: 250 (equivalent to 2.5cm) [Can adjust size to suit]

  • F12 [Accept Details]

NB: If you want this image to be used by all workstations you need to either complete the above process (or complete a ‘F10 Other C- Copy settings from another workstation) at each applicable workstation OR  you can choose the F10 Other, R – Replicate to all option, however be sure that all workstations should receive all these workstation receipt options and that you are not going to ‘wipe out’ other functionality e.g. Customer Radar, as such it is advisable to complete this process from a Retail POS PC.