Petty Cash expenses report

Petty Cash Expenses report will display any petty cash expenses removed or added to the till(s) during the period selected and will also display the reason given for the expense.

Date, time, seller ID, Workstation, Reason for expense, transaction total and Grand total will all be displayed in the generated report.

From the Main Menu in Retail:

  • 1 POS, 5 POS reports, 3 Petty Cash expenses
  • Choose the Start and End date/time (this will default to today’s date)
  • You can narrow the report down to a specific Workstation or Stockpoint by pressing <spacebar> in the appropriate field and making your selection. Leaving these fields blank will display for all workstations and/or Stockpoints
  • F12 [Accept Details]
  • Press F4 or F7 to export to PDF or text format, press F9 or F10 to view the Screens or Pages, or F12 to print hard copies (ensure there is a printer listed in the Printer field first).

Example of the Petty Cash Expenses report

Petty Cash in Till Summary Report

Petty Cash reporting for banking purpose: If you do petty cash, it will appear in the till summary report as ‘Petty cash expenses’

Example of the Till Summary report

Note: Petty Cash is not included in “RECEIVED” and “NET CASH+CHQ RECEIVED”

Petty Cash Expenses Recording