Q: Is there any setup involved?


Propharma: Tick Section 29 option in Edit Supplier.

CDC: Tick Section 29 option in Edit Supplier AND phone CDC to activate.

Q: Will Propharma/CDC recognise Section 29 medicines?

A: Only if the ‘pharmacode’ in dispensary matches the wholesaler product code.

Review currently dispensed Section 29 medicine (pharma)codes and check them against the wholesaler website, edit the (pharma)code to match if necessary.  This edit will create another medicine on the Dispensary database and mark the original as hidden.  Adjust stock as necessary.  

Q: How does the ordering work?

A: Patient/Dr details are taken from recent Rx history, when the order is SENT.

The order SEND process will detect Section 29 medicines and display a selection list of recently dispensed or held Rxs.  The user must tick all patients relevant to the order quantity.

Q: Why does the recent dispensing selection screen show nothing?

A: The Section 29 medicine does not have any detectable recent dispensing history.

EITHER the medicine has just been added. (Solve by dispensing or holding a Rx to create history).

OR its (pharma)code’ has just been changed to match the wholesaler (pharma)code, EDIT recent Rxs and reselect supplier (pharma)coded medicine. Rx history will now by visible in the order.

In BOTH cases, Esc or F12 allows the user to cancel sending the order – or to proceed with it.

Q: How does the order identify Section 29 meds?

A: Either the Section 29 tick box is set, or the Dispensing note contains “Section 29”.

Subsidised medicines are maintained by Toniq. Non-subsidised medicines may need user intervention to mark them correctly.  (If the Section 29 tickbox is set on a non-subsidised medicine, the medicine update process will not unset it).

Q: What to do if the medicine is not on Toniq?

A: Get the description and code used by CDC or Propharma and add to Toniq.

The Toniq medicine file will not have Section 29 medicines that do not have a Guild defined pharmacodes.  Pharmacy must add these themselves and take responsibility for all aspects of dispensing.  (Don’t forget to set the Section 29 tick box).