For Section 29 (unregistered) medicines to be ordered, script details such as the patient, prescriber, and dosage (if available) must be supplied to the wholesaler. These orders must be transmitted through a secure communication system because of privacy issues. Toniq has worked with Propharma , CDC, and PWL to implement secure ordering directly from Dispensary.


  • Secure S29 ordering is only available from Propharma, CDC, and PWL (as at December 2022)
  • On the Supplier, Send S29 script details must be ticked 
  • The EO URL must begin with htpps:// on the Supplier
  • Section 29/26 must be ticked on the medicine
  • The medicine's pharmacode must match the one at the wholesalers
  • Patient and prescriber details can only be sent for medicines with dispensing history (i.e. have been dispensed)
  • If S29 in Dispensary and but not at the wholesaler, the order will still be supplied
  • If not a Section 29 in Dispensary but S29 at the wholesaler, it may not be supplied

Processing hints

  1. Orders can be created with a mixture of Section 29 and registered medicines
  2. Medicines with a supplier note of Section 29 may help the pharmacy stock controller
  3. In Edit Order, use F6 Medlog on S29 items to confirm there is a dispensing history before sending the order
  4. At order SEND, tick patient history lines relevant to the order (screenshot below)
  5. Pressing Escape at the patient history selection allows user to cancel the order if necessary

Note: If no history is ticked, no script details are sent with the order - this may mean the product will not be supplied for medicines marked Section 29 at the wholesaler.

Adding a Section 29 medicine not on the medicine file

If the medicine is not yet on the Dispensary medicine file, it can be added by the user. It is possible that the same medicine available from different wholesalers to have different pharmacodes. This means if the medicine is ordered from different wholesalers, it may need to be added more than once (this should be avoided if possible).


  1. Use the wholesaler website to find the pharmacode, description and price
  2. In Dispensary, go to 2. Stock control, 4. Maintain medicine, F3 Add, then enter information, (Brand name, Generic name, Strength, Pack size, Form, St W/S price, etc. - see example below)
  3. Change the pre-populated Pharmacode/Id to the wholesaler's pharmacode
  4. Tick the Section 29/26 box
  5. Optional: add a Note and/or Supplier note as it may be useful since it shows in the order