How to complete a transaction where a customer wants to pay off an amount to a debtor account as well as buy something else.

From the Main Menu in Retail:

  • 1 POS, 1 POS Selling, Seller Log On
  • Optional: F5 [Client]
  • Enter product(s) to be purchased into the Item line or scan Rxs
  • Once item(s) scanned F12 [Tender], Press Escape once to remove the tender list
  • F6 [A/C Pay]

Client with Linked Account: 

The Pay to A/c box will appear and be prepopulated with the account’s current balance.

No client: 

The “Enter Acct. name” box will appear. Search and select account from the list presented. 

NB: If the debtor is not displayed try F7 [Show Hidden]

Client without a linked account: 

A box will appear “Client is not linked to a debtor account. Do you want to Link client to existing account, Create new account OR Select an account.” Choose the appropriate option. Search and select account from the list presented.

NB: If the debtor is not displayed, try F7 [Show Hidden]

  • Enter the value of the amount that the client wishes to pay off to their debtor account and press ENTER
  • Select the required tender option, e.g. Cash, eftpos etc – the total will consist of the amount the customer pays to the debtor account AND the cost of the item(s) selected in the Sales screen
  • F12 [End Sale]