If an Exceptional Circumstance is granted, a NPPA (Named Patient Pharmaceutical Assessment) number will be issued. This entitles a pharmacy to dispense specific pharmacode/s to the specified patient.

If the medicine exists on the Pharmac Schedule, the ExCirc number overrides any restrictions. If not, it triggers the HealthPac system to pay the Rx item according to a price forwarded on the claim.


1) Enter the NPPA Number

  • press F10 Other
  • select Special authority
  • answer Yes to Special Authority?
  • then enter the Approval Number and Expiry Date

2) Mark the Rx CBS

  • press F10 Other
  • then select Quote cost, brand, source

3) Check the medicine price

Edit the medicine and set the Std W/S price to your invoice price (ie. what pharmacy paid for the item, including extras like freight) but excluding GST

CBS sends your invoice price to the MOH in the claim. It is your responsibility to check this price is correct as the medicine is being dispensed.

4) Optional - disable WS/PP updates

It is suggested that you tick the UpdatesNo WS/PP on the medicine to prevent the monthly medicine update over-writing your invoice price.

Be aware No WS/PP updates means that the Toniq medicine file will never overwrite the Std W/S price. If you chose to use any of the No Updates options for any medicine, we advise pharmacy to regularly run the User Maintained Medicine Report to check if the medicines should still be marked, e.g. the medicine may now be subsidised and should not be ticked No Updates

To create this report, go to 

  • 3. Reports
  • 3. Medicine reports
  • 2. User maintained medicines 
  • Tick only one of the No Updates options per report
    (otherwise the report will only find medicines with all the ticked items)

Waste Quantity?

If a broken pack is dispensed, the program will prompt for wastage.  If more stock has been bought than is to be dispensed, wastage can  be claimed.  Usually the waste would be set to zero.  If pharmacy IS left with stock it cannot dispense, a past Rx can be edited to add wastage and the script can be resubmitted in a future claim.

Rx can be edited to add wastage and the script can be resubmitted in a future claim.