MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order) PURCHASE

MOTO functionality can be enabled for merchants who process telephone or mail order sales. MOTO should only be used in situations where cardholder authorisation is given for the transaction and the physical card is not present to be used at the terminal.

You may have had a separate tender within Retail for moto card entry or can choose your Eftpos/Credit tender type 

(Optional) Setting up Separate Moto Credit Card Tender Type


The reason for setting up a separate tender would be if you want to track your MOTO tendering as it will show as a separate entry on the Till Summary.

From the main menu in Retail select Administration, Other Administration, Maintain Tender types.  Press the spacebar to see a list of existing tender types.  If  MOTO is not already available, press F3 Add to add a new tender type.

The following fields need to be set:

Name: Set to MOTO Credit Card MOTO, or something similar.

Short description: Set to MOTO Credit card or something similar, this appears on the POS Till Summary report.

Select code: This is the key that needs to be pressed to select the MOTO tender type, set to M. If the field turns red then M has been used by another tender type, try another character or number.

Select order (optional): This shows where the moto tender type appears in the list, 1 will be at the top, 10 will appear 10th in the list.

Type: Select Credit Card.

Account ID: Type *Shop*/Moto and press enter. An account search screen will appear, if there is no account called *Shop*/MOTO Credit Card then press F3 Add and press F12.

Electronic Tender: Tick (If your other eftpos options are ticked).

Press F12 Accept Details to create and save the new tender type.

See Eftpos/Credit Card manual card entry process for processing MOTO/Manual credit cards at POS.