IF you cash up after closing the store, there is no need to use EOD markers!

IF you use Windcave payment portal for your DPS eftpos, you will NOT be able to align eftpos with Toniq EOD markers!

End of Day markers should be used in situations where the tills are cashed up before the shop closes, Retail is not closed down straight away and additional sales may be done after the cash up.


  • End of Days markers need to be set on EVERY Retail workstation PC that does Sales EVERY trading day once you start using them. It is not a CASUAL USE process.
  • If using End of Day markers you also need to ‘Settle’ or ‘Cutover’ your Eftpos at the same time. You may need to talk to Paymark or your bank to ensure your Settlement window allows this at the time you want to settle.

What are ‘End of Day markers’ and how do they work?

An End-of-day marker is a ‘flag’ or marker point within Retail which is set just before the till is emptied for one day, and then set again just before the till is emptied on the following day. The period between the markers represents that ‘days’ takings. Although the ‘day’s takings’ technically spreads over 2 days, it normally represents a near 24 hour period.

The following example gives a normal ‘End of Day’ process

Pam is in charge of cashing up in a small local pharmacy. Although the shop doesn’t close until 5pm, she starts to cash up about 15 minutes before closing. This means any sales done in the time between cashing up and closing will carry over into the next day’s takings – after all, it’s probably only a small amount.

At 4:45pm on Monday (yesterday) she sets the EOD marker on TILL1 - 1 [POS], 4 [End of Day] - and then empties the till. She moves to the next till and does the same, repeating the same process for all tills.

At 4:47pm on Tuesday (today) she again sets the EOD marker on TILL1 and then empties the till. She moves to the next till and does the same, repeating for all tills.

When all tills have been emptied, she runs a Till Summary Report, ticking Use ‘End of Day’ markers and ‘Collating for All Workstations’. (Once set these tick options will be retained until changed again).

So how does the Till Summary use End of Day markers to work out Pam's figures?

  • It moves forward/inwards  in time from the Start date (Monday, yesterday, 15:00), looking for the first EOD marker it encounters – and finds one on TILL1 at 4:45pm on Monday (yesterday)

  • It then moves backward in time from the End Date (Tuesday, today 23:59), looking for the most recent EOD marker it encounters – and finds one on TILL1 at 4:47pm on Tuesday (today).

  • It then looks at the transactions recorded in between those two markers, and creates the report – repeating this process for all tills.

Not sure if End of Day markers were set?

From the Main Menu in Retail:

  • 6 Reports, 4 Audit/Utility reports, 8 Transaction Audit report
  • F3 [Add]
  • Set an appropriate Date range, F11 [Next page]
  • Under Transaction type options, tick ‘End of Day Markers only’
  • Press F12 [Accept Details]
  • Press F4, F5 or F7 to export to PDF, CSV or text format, press F9 or F10 to view the Screens or Pages, or F12 to print hard copies (ensure there is a printer listed in the Printer field first).

Running Monday’s Till Summary after being closed on Sunday  (or Public Holidays)

NB: The Till Summary report (with Use End of Day markers set) defaults to a Start Date of Yesterday with a Start Time of 1500 and an End Date of Today with End time of 2359. If you KNOW you set your EOD markers BEFORE 1500 the day before you can change them manually.

So when running Monday’s till summary report, you need to remember to MANUALLY set the Start Date and Time to just before you set the marker and emptied the till on Saturday (or the day before the Public Holiday – or closed day).

e.g. If you set your markers and emptied your tills at about 12:15 on Saturday, set the Date and Time to Midday on Saturday

Computers That Aren’t Tills Showing in Till Summary Report

If you get an error message “End of Day markers are selected, but the following selected tills do not have two end of day markers set” when you run the report, AND the computers listed are not actually used as tills – then hide these workstations from the report.

From the Main Menu in Retail:

  • 7 [Administration], 1 [Setup], 3 [Maintain Workstations]
  • Press spacebar and select the first of these ‘non-till’ computers
  • Tick the Hide box then F12 [Accept details]
  • Repeat for all others that should be excluded from the till summary

Marker Set Twice on Same Day by Accident

This is not normally a problem (providing you have not done any transactions between the accidentally set markers), as the Till Summary Report looks forward from the Start Date/Time for the first marker, and backwards from the End Date/Time for the last marker. 

So as long as those 2 markers are in place, any more in between are ignored.

 Forgot to Set Marker on Previous Day

This is definitely a problem, as the Till Summary report will only find one marker.


When running today's Till Summary the report warns you that it has only found one marker. In some instances you may presume you somehow didn’t set today’s marker correctly. 

So you go to the till and set it again. There’s now two markers but only a few minutes apart.  Hence the report shows no or very few sales – as the time period (it is looking within) is tiny.


There are two ‘work around’ solutions (although neither is a ‘great’ solution).

Option #1

As your Eftpos terminal should have been ‘settled’ at the same time your last ‘End of day’ SHOULD have been set, you could take this time/date as yesterdays ‘End’ time.

You should also have todays ‘End’ time – you may need to run the Transaction Audit Report (see above) to get the exact date/time.   Now run the Till Summary again but this time UNTICK ‘Use End of Day Markers’ and manually enter the Dates/Times. Once the report is produced remember to RESET the ‘Use End of Day Markers’ flag.


You may need to preset a general option before attempting this to bypass a time/date check from the workstation to the server (contact Toniq).

Go to the till in question and (in Windows) set the date and time back to when you should have set yesterday’s marker (e.g. Monday, around 4:45pm) THEN set the EOD marker in Retail. Then set the date/time to the present immediately.

The report will find two markers in about the right place and report transactions within that time period.