Till Summary report provides a summary of TENDERS carried out during the specified period. All figures in this report are GST inclusive (unless sold items set as No GST or the sale is marked as No GST).

The statistics section of this report, will show you the sales statistics for various selections, firstly Tender and Account Charges, then also Seller, division, group, or department. This summary provides a quick guide to how well your staff and major departments/groups are tracking.

Till Summary report should be run every day as part of End of Day process. However, this report can also be run on a weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis (changing the Start and End date/times accordingly). 

Selection Criteria

From the Main Menu in Retail:

  • 1 POS, 5 POS reports, 1 Till summary
  • Choose the Start and End date/time (this will default to today’s date)

If left blank this will report on for ALL workstations as a total. To select an individual workstation tab to the workstation field, press the spacebar and select the particular workstation you require.
Only Disp Workstations
Tick this option for ONLY DIRECT CHARGES from Dispensary to Debtor Accounts to be displayed.
Stock point
If left blank this will report on for ALL stockpoints. To select an individual stockpoint tab to the stockpoint field, press the spacebar and select the particular stockpoint you require.
Use End of Day Markers
This option is to be used in conjunction with the setting of end of day markers if you cash up your tills and settle efpos before you close for the day . For more details see End of Day Markers.
Collate for all workstations
If ticked the report shows details for each workstation, shown side by side. If unticked, you will receive one overall value for all workstations.
Print Landscape
If selected, will print this report Landscape view but ONLY IF you have the appropriate Windows landscape driver setup and have a Landscape printer set up in Devices Setup.
Hide POS Balance
If selected, will stop the POS Balances from being displayed and printed on your report. (If you do NOT use the POS to Bank, Bank to POS options this is a good option to tick).
Separate Vouchers
If selected (AND you use the Toniq Vouchers module) this will separate out each individual Voucher tender type. If unticked you will get one overall Managed Vouchers total instead.
Space electronic tenders
Will give extra space between electronic tenders to allow you to write your information/calculations into the till summary when printed.
New page for each day
If your selected date range spans multiple days ticking this option will show a page of totals for each day rather than a single page of collated totals.

NB: Any tick box options selected will remain as default until unticked again.

Under the Summary Page heading

Tick the Statistics option if you want a Statistics Page to be printed as part of your Till Summary Report. 

This report will show you each tender type with high and low dollar value, number of transactions and dollar average. On the right hand side are listed charges and payment to accounts.

You can also choose up to 2 other selection criteria to be included in the report.

  • Seller totals – lists number of visits, total sales and average for each seller for the time period. 
  • ‘Collection type’ totals – give number of items sold from each ‘collection’ (eg department) with total sales and average. 
  • Tick Sort by value if desired.   

NB:  Seller figures on the Statistics page do NOT include RX items, item discounts (already deducted) and Interstore sales

  • Press F12 [Accept Details]
  • Press F4, F5 or F7 to export to PDF, CSV or text format, press F9 or F10 to view the Screens or Pages, or F12 to print hard copies (ensure there is a printer listed in the Printer field first).