Do you sometimes need to print a quote for someone?

Here is a suggestion to print out an A4 Invoice Quote.

NB: The following is probably best to be set up on and process on a workstation that is not a regular till e.g. a Dispensary workstation close to your till

Setting up a workstation for this purpose :-

From the Main Menu in Retail:

  • 7 Administration, 1 Setup, 2 Workstation configuration, 2 Receipt options
  • Press F11 [Next Page] twice
  • In Invoice title type QUOTE
  • In Invoice header free test type any stipulations you might want to add e.g. “THIS QUOTE IS ONLY VALID FOR 30 DAYS”

  • F12 [Accept Details]
  • Escape once
  • 1 Devices setup
  • Check that you have your desired A4 printer selected. If blank select your A4 printer and F12 [Accept details]

Processing an A4 Invoice Quote:-

On the workstation set up for this purpose…..

From the Main Menu in Retail:

  • 1 POS, 1 POS Selling, Seller Log On
  • F5 Client (F3 [Add] them into the system if the client does not already exist)
  • Add item/s into the selling screen and apply discount etc. accordingly
  • F12 [Tender]
  • Esc from the list of tenders
  • F10 [Other], A [Print A4 invoice]
  • F10 [Other], V [Void sale] (depending on your system set up you may need to enter a reason)

You will get a print out like this:-