A Blank order allows the user to create a manual order - that is, an order that is not generated automatically by the Retail system.

You would create a blank order in the following situations:

  • You are new to the Retail system, and don’t have enough product history to be able to generate an accurate automatic order.
  • You want to do a quick or small order (without waiting for the system to do lots of calculations) and bring up additional items that you do not want at the moment
  • You have already received in product items but there is no order in the Retail system for them

You can create several Blank Order forms (ie one for each supplier) OR to have one blank form and simply change the Supplier name once recalled for use.

Creating Blank Order:-

From the Main menu:

  • 2 [Stock Control], 1 [Orders], 1 [New Order]
  • Check for an existing Order form. If not found, press F3 [New Type}. This will give you a new order type.
  • Enter the name for the order eg. BLANK ORDER
  • Choose any supplier - Press the Space bar and Enter and select from the choices in the dropdown box (this can be changed with each new blank / manual order you process)
  • Set the Min Cover field to
  • Type in Max Cover (N=Not an automatic order)
  • Under the Costing field tick Last and F12 [Accept Details] 

Your credit order form has now been created and can be recalled for future use.