For suppliers like Revlon, they often let stores continue selling old stock or old lines of stock. But they give the store 50% rebate. For these special circumstances Credit orders need to be done as follows...

  • Create new credit for the supplier concerned. Click here
  • Add items to credit order
  • Change qty to match what sales rep has advised for rebate
  • change cost to 50% of last received cost
  • F8 Reduce SOH?

(Once the credit order is filled out, the user should double check the Reduce SOH column to ensure all lines say "No Adj")

  • Now complete the credit order, F11 Adjust SOH, Adjust stock and accept order.
  • Print Report received order. (Qty received will have * for product that were set to ‘no adj stock’.

PS: They may also want to special the products to 50% off sales price.