If you occasionally do ‘No GST’ sales (i.e. Duty Free), then Toniq has an option under F8 [Price Options], G [No GST Entire Sale] that makes the entire sale a ‘No GST’ sale.


NB: If ‘No GST’ was set in error, then selecting again F8 [Price Option], G [Normal GST entire sale], will reset the entire sale to include GST.

Reporting GST and Sales ex GST

You can find your sales ex GST and the value of GST from sales incl GST from the Sales Analysis Report.

From the main Menu:

  • 6. Reports
  • 2. Sales Reports
  • 1. Sales Analysis Report
  • F3 Add (to create a new report)

Report Options:

  • Enter the period you wish to report on
  • Choose an appropriate List by, or leave as Seller (as you will only require the total)
  • Tick 'Separate sales GST' 
  • Tick 'Show cents' optional

F12 Accept Details and view/print report as required

Finding Total Sales Value Excluding GST

There is no specific report that currently gives this value, so it needs to be worked out using the Sales Analysis Report and some calculations.

To find the Total Sales Value Excluding GST, you need to know the following:

A = Total Sales Value Including GST
This value comes from Sales Analysis Report with the option 'Separate sales GST' (see above report example)

B = Total Sales GST Value
This value comes from the Sales Analysis Report without the above option

With these values, we can find C = Total Sales Value Including GST by following this formula.

B x 23


= C

Now we can find:

Total Sales Value Excluding GST = C - A