You can find more patients to sign on for LTC service using Bulk Edit Patients.

Before you start, check that you have an Institution Group set up if you have more than one ARRC facility.

To create an Institution group, go to 5. Dosepacks / Charts, 7. Administration, 2. Edit institution groups, press F3 Add, use the function keys to add the     required institutions, name the group, and save. (This needs to have been done before using Bulk Edit to find LTC patients.)

Then, from the main menu, go to:

  • 9. Other, 2. Bulk edit patients and begin a new search by pressing F3 Add.

  • To find older patients with many scripts add an Age, e.g. 60, and the number of Items, e.g. 15, over a Period, e.g. the last 3 months.

  • If, as we recommend, you add conditions to all patients when you become aware of them (not just to current LTC patients), then tick the box Any condition.

  • To exclude patients in all institutions, go F11 Next Page and tick No institution. Note: Skip this step if one or more of your institutions include community patients.

  • Press F12 Accept Details to run the report.

Next, remove unsuitable patients from the search results:

  • To remove existing LTC patients:

    • press F2 Edit List, then Remove patients in bulk

    • On the next page enter today’s date in LTC as at

    • Press F11 Next Page 3 times, then F12 Accept Details

  • To remove ARRC/CRC patients (if ticking No institution, as above, was not used), press F2 Edit List, Remove patients in bulk, then:

    • Either: select the Institution to which those patients belong (only one institution can be selected per iteration of using Remove patient in bulk)

    • Or: select an Institution group to remove multiple institutions at once.

  • Individual patients who are known not to be suitable for the LTC service can be removed using F2 Edit List, Edit list patient by patient, then pressing F10 Remove Item.

The resulting list can be sorted by number of items (using F3 Sort), printed (F8 Print List), or a note, such as “Potential LTC patient”, can be added to each patient (using F5 Set Note, 1 Append to note).