Some quick checks:

  • Check your pricelist is up to date.
  • Check if the product is hidden (F7 show hidden).
  • Try searching using various options e.g. barcode, with correct prefix for product code or even description.

If you are still not able to find products, then most likely they are new products and are not yet available on a pricelist. We recommend submitting your invoice to Toniq so we can check and update the pricelist data.

Submit Invoice for review:

Mark the products which are missing with an asterisk next to the product line on the invoice (Please don’t highlight). Write your name at the top of the invoice you received from the supplier and fax it to 03 3410196.  

What happens next/now:

Once we receive the fax we will pass it on to our pricelist team.  Our pricelist team will then contact the supplier concerned and request them to send the information. When we receive the supplier’s information our pricelist team will add the products to the Toniq pricelist.

Once the new products are added to the Toniq pricelist, our pricelist team will contact you and ask you to update the pricelist concerned.

NB: Sometimes it might take several days before the products are added to the pricelist. (Our pricelist team are dependent on receiving the information from the supplier).

Adding products manually:

If you are desperate to receive the stock, you can add products manually. Please make sure you fill in as much information as you have. E.g. Description, PLU, Barcode, Std Pricelist, and Manf. Product code with prefix.

NB: Pricelist prefix can be found in our green papers under Available Pricelists.

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NB: Use the barcode on the product if available, not the barcode listed on the supplier invoice.

Once new products are added to Toniq and you update the pricelist the products will match to the manually added product automatically.

Checking for Duplicates before Updating Your Pricelist:

If you have added products manually. Check F8 [Report New] from maintain pricelist BEFORE F9 [Update Prod]. If you see any of the manually added products appear in the report, this means the products have not matched to the manually added information. In that case please check if the manually added products have the correct details Or contact Toniq support office on 03 3410195.