Toniq suggests taking the following steps when “Closing” a Debtor account.

From the Main Menu:

  • 3 Debtors, 1 Maintain debtor accounts, log on
  • Select you Debtor
  • Add “CLOSED” to the end of the Debtor Account Name
  • F10 [Other], R [Rebalance account balances]
  • Make sure there is no balance left on the account. If there is a balance seek payment or journal entry (F8); then rebalance again.
  • Set the credit limit to 0.01, so no further charges can be made to this account.

NB: A Credit limit of 0.00 means the debtor has NO Credit limit and they may continue to charge regardless of current balance.

  • Check under the Linked Clients heading for any clients linked to this debtor account.

NB: If there is/are any client(s) linked to your debtor you will need to:

    • recall & edit each client in turn
    • go to the Account name field, highlight the debtor, press Delete button on the keyboard, “tab” to the next field
    • F12 [Accept Details]

  • F11 [Next Page]
  • Tick “Never link to client” box. This option will prevent linking a customer to this debtor by mistake.
  • Add notes to the General Note field about when and why the account was closed.
  • Tick the “Hide” box
  • Press F11 [Next Page] three times, F12 [Accept Details]

NB: Search Toniq Library on how to find Inactive Debtors in bulk