You MUST be ABSOLUTLY 100% sure that the 2 products are identical! 


You CANNOT un-merge products!

Most products are seamlessly added to your database from the pricelists you activate and update. Therefore, you should not have duplicate products in your system. However, due to historical reasons, supplier misinformation or product changes, you may come across a product that is duplicated.

Generally, one product has the green T beside the product description whilst the other does not.

NB: The green T beside the product description indicates that this product has been associated to a Toniq Pricelist and has a GUID (global unique identifier). This GUID can be viewed by pressing F5 Pricelists or looking on page 3 of the product card.

Some examples why you would have a product without the green T (or GIUD):

The product is from a supplier that does not have a Toniq pricelist.

  • It may be a new product that is not yet available on a pricelist.
  • It may be a miscellaneous item that you want to sell.
  • Manually created in error assuming the product was not on Toniq.

If both products have a GUID consult Toniq (except when instructions provided by the Pricelist Team).

If you have identified two of the same products in your database, they need to be merged. Keeping your products tidy is one of the keys to good stock maintenance, product history and accurate reporting.

!!! Merging Products!!!!



You MUST be ABSOLUTELY 100% sure that the 2 products are identical! 


You CANNOT un-merge products!


The history and SOH will be combined

Any extra fields not already populated (blank) on the retaining product will be filled in from the secondary product.

From the Main Menu:

  • 2 Stock Control, 3 Stock Maintenance, 2 Maintain Products
  • Type in the name or barcode for the product you wish to KEEP
  • Press F10 [Other], 3 Merge another product into this one
  • Type in part of the name for the product you wish to MERGE IN and select it from the list (this second product will be permanently deleted).
  • Answer ‘Y’ for yes if you are certain about merging these two products
  • Press F12 [Accept Details]