What happens if your customer overpays the debtor account and is in Credit?

The customer may request a refund. This transaction will generate a debit invoice for part of the credit amount or all in order to zero out the account balance. NB: Refunds are usually given as CASH, but may be EFTPOS. Please ring Toniq support for assistance with Eftpos refunds.

From the Main Menu:

  • 1 POS, 1 POS Selling, log on
  • DO NOT enter any products into the Item line.
  • F12 [Tender] (takes you to the tender screen)
  • F11 [Tender] (shows list of tenders)
  • Select ‘Charge to Account’ option ( you will be presented with Enter Acct Name screen)
  • Type in part of the debtor account name in question and press Enter
  • Select from the list presented. If the debtor is not displayed on the list press F7 [Show Hidden] and review the list again.
  • Enter the value of the amount that the client requires refunded and press ENTER. NB: The credit value can be seen in the middle grey box at the top of POS

  • The screen will show the value as “Give Change”
  • Press F12 [End Sale] which will tender the sale and balance as Cash Out.