• From the main menu of Retail select [Stock Control], 3 [Stock Maintenance], 1 [Maintain Products in bulk] and F3 Add (or select from the list if you have previously saved)
  • Tick the “None” box beside Std Pricelist.

  • Optional: To start with a smaller list tick In Stock
  • Optional: To narrow down to more relevant products use the ‘Sold with (days)’ field and put e.g. 365

  • Optional: Tick Incl. Hidden NB: This will generate a much larger list
  • Press F12 [Accept Details] to generate list
  • Now press F2 [Edit List] then R [Remove Items in Bulk].
  • Tick the “None” box beside On pricelist, tick Incl Hidden and F12 [Accept Details]. (This will remove any products that are not actually available on ANY pricelist
    you currently use)

  • Press F3 [Sort] then 1 [Alpha]
  • Optional:  If your list is large then maybe F3 Sort and 5 Prod Code.  (You will then get an idea of the supplier)

If your list is small, use Steps 2a and 3 instructions.

If your list is large, use Steps 2b and 3 instructions.


  • Once the list is generated press F2 [Edit List] then E [Edit Item by Item]
  • Use the up and down arrow keys to highlight the desired item and press F2 [Edit Prod]
  • Press F5 [Pricelists] to review what pricelists (that you use) the item COULD be updated from, make your decision and then F12 [Accept Edit]
  • You will now be in the Std Pricelist field. Press spacebar and Enter, move down to the pricelist that you DO want this item to be updated from and press Enter once selected
  • NB: This is also a good time to check the products are in a department, have the correct markup, reprice method etc
  • Once all fields on this stockcard are correct press F12 [Accept Details]
  • Repeat each step for each item on your list
  • When all items have been completed press F12 [Accept Details] twice and answer Y [Yes] to save the changes


Due to the size of your list you may choose to update particular pricelists in bulk first, rather than each individual product.
To do this, take note of these major suppliers (from your initial list), Escape the report and continue as per the instructions below.

  • Go to 2 [Stock Control], 3 [Stock Maintenance], 1 [Maintain Products in Bulk]
  • In the “On Pricelist” field press spacebar and Enter and select a supplier pricelist (NB you may choose to start with your main wholesaler).
  • Tick the “None” box beside Std Pricelist
  • Tick Incl. Hidden
  • Press F12 [Accept Details] to generate list
  • Once the list is generated press F6 [Set Prices]
  • Select 0 [Std Pricelist]
  • Press spacebar and Enter and select the same supplier pricelist as above
  • Press F12 [Accept Details] twice and answer Y [Yes] to save the changes

Keep repeating either of the Step 2 processes until all products have been associated to a pricelist (where possible)


These newly associated products will not be updated until you next maintain the pricelists in question.
You can either do this now (through Maintain Pricelists) or when you complete your normal pricelist updates (as part of your weekly process).

Remember: if you are prompted to Produce Labels during an update, say Yes and print these new labels (from Label Jobs) ASAP as the PLU codes on your products are updated immediately and the old PLU stickers will no longer scan for the newly updated products.