Gross Profit (GP) is important for the Success of Your Business! The GP tells you the profit your pharmacy makes on cost of sales, or cost of goods sold.

Gross Profit (GP) = (Sales - Cost of Goods Sold)/Sales

Toniq offers a few different reports that calculate your GP: Sales Analysis, Key Indicator and Gross Profit reports.

The table below describes the purpose of each report and its benefit over another.


Sales Analysis report

Key Indicator report

Stock Profit report

PurposeProvides sales, credits and profit information for the sales over a specified date/time range.
Helps identify products with inaccurate GP.
Provides the sales, purchases, GP, Stock turn and Return on stock (ROS) being made over subtotalled groups, departments etc.Provides information on stock movements, sales and profit contribution over a specified monthly period(s) and can be used for comparison with historical and budget figures.
Guidelines60% markup=37.5% GP

Stk turn for the shop >4

ROS for the shop >250%

Time selectionDate/Time
e.g. Daily/Weekly/etc


e.g. 10/2015 – 09/2016

Data selectionBased on transactions

Based on sales, purchases & adjustments of products

Calculating formulaUses the last cost

Stock is valued using actual purchase cost

Sales Analysis Report  

Key Indicator Report 

Stock Profit Report