It is possible to prevent Toniq Retail from printing receipts when completing sales.  It is also possible to prompt to print a receipt as you complete a sale.

NB: If you share settings with another store, make certain not to Replicate settings, else you could override another stores receipt configuration.

Set Number of Receipts on Tenders

  • From Main Menu: 7. Administration, 5. Other Administration, 2. Maintain Tender Types
  • Press Spacebar and select the 1st tender from the list
  • Check the "Number of receipts" top right.  This should be set to 0
  • F12 Accept Details
  • Repeat for all tender types

Setting Auto Print Above Options

These changes are per workstation.  So make certain you are editing the workstation where POS Receipts are being printed from.

  • From Main Menu:  7. Administration, 1. Setup, 2. Workstation configuration, 2. Receipt options
  • Change "Auto-print above" & "Prompt to print above" to a high value, like $9999.99
  • F12 Accept Details

NB: If you want to be prompted to print after each sale, change the "Prompt to print above" value to $1.

Make the same adjustment for each of your POS workstations.