What if your client does not need prescription item(s) they previously bought and would like a refund?

Medicines may not be re-dispensed*. However, occasionally a pharmacy may wish to raise a credit for a script. Whether a pharmacist gives the client a refund for a prescription item is a commercial decision for the pharmacy.

Before raising the credit, we recommend that you set up the parameters for a manual script.

From the Main Menu:

  • 7 Administration, 
  • 1 Setup, 
  • 8 General Options
  • Highly recommended practice is to have “Enter Descr for Manual Rx” and “Enter Client for Manual Rx” ticked when processing new (manual) Rx fees at POS.
  • F12 [Accept Details]
  • Escape twice to get back to the Main Menu

Credit a script

  • 1 POS, 
  • 1 POS Selling, log on
  • F4 [RxFee Unpark], 
  • F3 [New RxFee]
  • Enter and select your client name
  • Enter Medicine Description
  • Enter Price
  • Highlight the product line, 
  • F8 [Price Option] 
  • F Credit/Refund NB: Refund the item and mark as FAULTY (cannot be resold)
  • F12 [Tender] to select the method of payment NB: Refunds are usually given as CASH, but may be EFTPOS if set up with the bank or ‘charge’ the credit to an Account
  • F12 [End Refund].

NB: The pharmacist may want to annotate the prescription item(s) in Dispensary to show that the medicine was “taken and returned”.


* Medical Aid Abroad welcomes returned medicines if they are not out of date. Refer to their web site https://maa.org.nz