It is possible to print a label with medicine details and its barcode by selecting the relevant medicine (F2 Edit medicine) and then pressing F9 Print Label. The dispensary label printer is used and the barcode prints on the long secondary label.

Medicine barcode

Not all medicines have barcodes in Dispensary. If the label is being printed for the barcode, check it first. Go to the 3rd screen of edit medicine. If the barcode is missing or different and it is important for your pharmacy process, it can easily be added by scanning.

Maintenance of barcodes

Most barcodes are added using the medicine update process but Toniq has no guaranteed source for these. So we do NOT remove barcodes allowing you to add barcodes without the update wiping them out.

If the barcode is WRONG it can be deleted from the medicine. To do this re-enter the same barcode number, the software will recognise it is already there and prompt to confirm delete. (If you're able to call or email us that the barcode is wrong we will remove it from the update, otherwise it is likely that it will be re-added next month.

Pharmacode printed as QR barcode

A QR barcode is now printed on the small third part label when the medicine details label is printed.  This barcode will always be the medicine pharmacode.

If the medicine also has one or more EAN codes loaded, the most recently added of these will print on the long second part label. This ensures that the detail label will always have a pharmacode (QR) barcode and mostly will have an EAN barcode too.

This label may be useful for stock taking and/or medicine recognition for Rx checking.