Toniq’s medicine file contains Pharmac's subsidy information and many other non-subsidised medicines and fees. It is is distributed to Toniq pharmacies a few day before the end of each month and updates automatically in the early hours of the 1st of each month.

Downloading / Updating the Medicine File

If for some technical or other reason (e.g. issues with the date/time on the server pc, internet issues) the medicine file has not updated to the current month:

  • Go to 7. Administration > 3. Updates and downloads > 1. Download/check medicine files
  • If the Medicine Update is listed in green, a newer file is available:
    • Tick the box next to it and press F7 Dn/Ld Files
    • Press F12 Accept Details,
    • Update the file (see below)
  • If the Medicine Update is orange, the medicine file has been downloaded but still need to be updated (see below)
  • If the Medicine Update is blue, it is current and up to date - nothing further needs to be done
  • Other medicine related updates are also available for download from this screen, e.g. the MIMS data file, Pill Pictures, Dispensary Outers lists, Sellcheck Update, and Templates

To Update the Medicine File

  • Select 3. Update medicines in the Updates and downloads screen (7. Administration > 3. Updates and downloads from the main menu).
  • Select any other Update options from this menu if the corresponding files have been manually downloaded (e.g. Pill Pictures, Sell-Check, or Toniq note templates) or alternatively, use 2. Update all files
    • Note: MIMS data is effective immediately after download