In a sent claim, with the reply loaded, mark it Resend or Resubmit 

  • Go to 4. Electronic claiming > 1. Edit claim
  • Find items you want to re-claim - usually these are at the top of the claim, otherwise use F8 Find then either Error Unpaid or Rx number to find the item.
  • If the items to be re-claimed all relate to the same medicine it may be useful to sort the claim (using F10 Other > 1 Sort) by medicine order to group the dispensings together.
  • You can edit the script from within the claim, if required, before reclaiming it
  • Press F4 Status to mark the item 1 Resend or 3 Resubmit

Items in a sent claim marked as Resend or Resubmit will automatically be brought forward into the next new claim (when it is created) with a status of Resending or Resubmitting.

Note: Items can also be marked Resend or Resubmit from a patient's history using  F2 View/Edit Rx.

  • Press F5 Claim History to access the F6 Resubmit and F7 Resend function keys.

Claim item status

Found in claim with status

What does the claim item status tell you?

SentItem to be resent/resubmitted in the next new claim when created
SentItem was resent or resubmitted when this claim was sent
NewItem will be resent/resubmitted in this new claim when it is sent