How to make sure you can see/order in Outer Packs

USE the outer pack price lists available in dispensary - Updating Outers - this is now automatic

Assign Outers file to Orders

  • 2. Stock Control
  • 1. New Order - select an order type e.g daily
  • Select Med Price List: Press space bar to select relevant list
  • Set Outer pack margin. '0.8' means if the normal recommended order quantity is within (80%) of an outer oack, then buy the outer. 
  • F12

The Order

The order screen shows the 'outer pack' alongside the other product details.

The program will automatically 'lift' an order quantity to an outer pack, as determined by the order parameters. Quantities that are 'lifted' show in purple on the order screen.

NB: If the Maximum stock on hand, Reorder point and/or Reorder Quantity stock parameters are set, the 'lift' to next Outer pack is disabled. If your order item is NOT 'lifted' as expected, use F4 stock  to check these parameters. To review theses on ALL medicines run the User Maintained Med Report 

  • 3. Reports
  • 3. Medicine Reports Menu
  • 2. User Maintained Medicine