The Prescription Details Report lists Rx details, based on varied specific Rx criteria shown across two screens.

  • The user defined criteria can be saved as a template, which makes repeat runs of the reports easier. Generally, all that is required is an adjustment to the date (Use F3 Date Range for shortcuts)
  • The information shown on the resulting list of Rx details can also be chosen to some extent
  • The resultant list can be viewed on screen, printed, exported in a format that can be read in spread sheeting software like Excel (CSV file), or exported as a PDF file
  • Lists printed (or viewed on screen) show the criteria used at the top of the report, with totals (No. of Rx’s, Prices) at the bottom (Page down)

Setting up saved reports as a template

NB: You may want to search existing saved reports to see if one already exists
press Enter to view existing saved templates

From the main menu go to

  • 3. Reports
  • 2. Prescription reports
  • 2. Prescription details
  • F3 Add - will open a new blank report to create/save a template
  • In the Report Name field, enter a descriptive name you can easily find later

Running the Report Later

Next time you run the report, just select the saved report template name from the list, eg “Outstanding Fax”, adjust the dates and F12 Accept to run the report.

  • F10 View report to screen
  • F12 Print to print or save report to file (CSV/PDF)

Example Rx Detail Reports

Finding Full Patient Rx History Record

Wanting to run the Rx Details report for a selected patient for a year(?)

  • Tick Patient Name Order (to avoid unnecessary duplication of patient details)
  • Tick Include prescriber details
  • Tick Include Directions – and anything else relevant to the particular patient – (Prices?) 
  • Press F11 Next page to view further criteria

Help Reconcile the Drugs Register

Run the Rx Details report for any selected medicine (e.g. Biodone) for a day and the totals at the bottom will show the total quantity prescribed across those prescriptions

Monitor Pricing of Exceptional Circumstances Rxs

  • Run the Rx Details report with Include Prices ticked on the first screen
  • F11 second screen
  • Tick Special Authority Only and Rxs flagged QCBS

Finding ePrescriptions only

  • Go to 2nd page screen and tick Incoming ePrescriptions only (for relevant date range)

NSS dispensing showing prescriber details

This report may be required by Auditors who want to see that the pharmacy has been selecting the appropriate staff member as prescriber when processing the dispensing.

  • Select date range
  • Tick Include New Rxs, Include Repeats, Patient Name order, and Include prescriber details
  • F11 next page
  • Tick Priced NSS

Tel Fax Refer Reports

Routine listings of Outstanding Tel and/or Refer  Rxs, are used by most pharmacies.  Other reports based on the ‘signed’ status of a Rx can be equally useful.  For example to :

  • Keep a check on claimed unsigned faxes (over 28 days old).
  • Report on signed & received Tel/Fax/Refer Rxs, perhaps when internal systems go awry (holidays/interns etc)
  • Enter the date range e.g. Start 01/11/18 End 30/11/18
  • Make sure all other selection boxes are empty
  • Untick Include Repeats
  • Tick Outstanding Fax Rxs Only
  • Tick Include Prescriber details
  • F11 Next page to check that nothing is ticked on the next page
  • F11 Next page
  • F12 Accept and Yes (report is intended to be over 3 months)

Other ‘signed’ status Tel/Fax/Refer reports:  

  1. Routine checklist of “Outstanding Tel Rxs” (tick Tel Rx Only)
  2. A “Received Tel Rxs” report – tick Received Tel Rxs on the second page (Make sure Outstanding Tel Rxs are unticked)