The script log can be used to find a scripts either by script number or by date and time. Go to 1. Prescriptions > F8 Use Log from the main menu:

Rx Log Display

The prescription log shows the most recent dispensings first. It can be scrolled through using the mouse or keyboard (up and down arrows, or Page Up and Page Down keys, or else the Home and End keys - which will go the latest or earliest script loaded respectively).


  1. A red up arrow indicates there are more recent scripts in the Rx Log, the red down arrow indicates there are older scripts. 
  2. The Qnt (quantity) column.
  3. The Owe column:
    1. H indicates a held script.
    2. A numeral indicates the remained quantity owed on the script.
    3. A grey quantity or indicates the script has expired (green means it is still valid to dispense).
  4. The Rx# (script number) column:
    1. The script number in green indicates that it is a phone script.
    2. Red script numbers are repeats.
  5. The CT/SP (Contract number/Stock Point) column:
    1. There may be multiple contract numbers when a pharmacy has a shared database with separate contracts for each store (e.g. 1234 and 5678 in screenshot above), or when there is a change of ownership and both the previous and current contract number can be seen.
    2. No contract number is assigned to held scripts or non-subsidised items.
    3. Di is the short form for the default Dispensary stock point. There may be other stock points such as Ro for a robot stock point as shown in the screenshot above.


After pressing F8 Use Log in the prescription entry screen, press F7 Search Log:


By Script number

  • Enter a script number (without a suffix) to find its most recent dispensing (if the script has repeats this will be the last dispensed repeat).

  • Press F6 Search Again to find an earlier dispensing of the same script number:

By Nearest date

  • When a date is entered without a time specified, the search goes to the first Rx dispensed on that date.
  • Where a time is specified, the search finds a dispensing that is the closest to the date/time entered:

Using Find Owe

Rather than using F7 Search LogF9 Find Owe can be used to find the next most recent owe. Once found (i.e. highlighted in blue) it can then be supplied or deleted using F3 Owe Supply or F4 Owe Delete respectively.