How Can I Review Previously Advised (MIMS) Interactions for a Patient?

The 'Check Label’ feature can be used to do this:
Print the interaction summary to either a dispensary label or to the CRC printer.

How to Do the Check? 

Call up the patient’s history grid:

  • Press F8 – Reprint, 3 – Check Items.
  • Press F8 – Check Items to select the items you want to check (all those in a particular visit?)
  • Press F11 – AutoAccept
  • Choose A – All or C – Current interactions

All – Compiles a summary of all interactions (ignores system filters)

Current – Only reports interactions that were identified on the actual visit

Nothing Prints

  1. Go to 7 – Administration, 1 – Setup, 3 – Printer Setup, 2 – Label print options, F11 – Next Page
  2. Tick Interactions 
  3. Tick Use CRC printer

NB: If you do NOT routinely want a check document/label to print, make sure that  Print at ‘End Visit’ is NOT ticked