How/ When is the Switch Fee Pharmacode Added to my System?

The Brand switch fee for LOSTAAR (Losartan), will be added to your pharmacy system on the 1st Mar 2012, when you Update your Medicines.

Do I Have to Enter this Pharmacode into my System?

Not if you are processing Rx’s in the prescription entry screen. Patient eligibility is automatically determined when LOSTAAR is processed (after 1 Mar) as a repeat dispensing (cc), a new Rx or a copy Rx. The fee is automatically dispensed.

Will the Pharmacode be Used for Other Brand Switches?

No. Each fee is unique, named for a specific brand. The  fee, BSF LOSTAAR, combines short code: (BSF – Brand Switch Fee) with its related brand.

How Does the Pharmacy Know It Has been ‘Dispensed’?

The fee will show in the patient history e.g. in Mar/Apr/May a patient history may show a ‘medicine’ called BSF LOSTAAR.  

Will I be Paid a Fee if the Patient has Just Started Getting the Medicine?

Yes, all patients who get the sole supply brand AFTER 1 Mar will be eligible.

Will I Miss out on a Fee if the Patient Switched Brands Prior to March?

The fee is valid for 3 months, so provided the patient returns for another ‘lot’ of LOSTAAR during the next 3 months, you will get the fee then. No fee is due if the patient does not come back.

How Many Times Can the Fee be Dispensed?

Once per patient per Brand.  If two strengths are dispensed only one fee is payable.

Who Decides Which Brands Qualify for a Switch Fee?

Pharmac. All medicines will be for chronic conditions. The fee is in recognition of the extra pharmacist – patient interaction required when a patient has to change Brands.

Might I Have to Dispense it Manually?

Yes, if you generate Rxs automatically in Rx cycles, your audit log may advise you to dispense a brand switch fee.

Yes, if you find at the end of the 3 month period you missed some patients who were due the fee (edited dates? Held rxs? Corrected Rxs? Etc).  

How is the Fee Claimed?

The fee is automatically added into your electronic claim like a normal subsidised Rx item. The claim will be for one dispensing fee.

When the fee is delisted, can I check that I’ve claimed all the fees I am due?

Yes this can be done using Bulk Patient Edit functionality – see Patient Bulk Edit to review Brand Switch fees

When the Fee is Delisted can I check that I have NOT claimed any fees I was NOT due?

Yes, use Bulk Patient Edit to do this, see Patient Bulk Edit to review Brand Switch fees

Will the fee show on a patient Receipt?


Since this is a ‘fee’, should we tick the fee option on the medicine?

NO. Fees used in the pharmacy system are charged to the patient or an account.  This fee is actually a claim to the government – like your dispensary fee. The Brand switch claims will not work properly if you tell the system they are a fee.

Why does the medicine have a class of ZSUB?

This tells the system that this is a claimable item with no subsidy price AND that no copayment is due from the patient, AND that the item is not to count towards exemption. Do NOT change it.

How Will the Fee be Audited?

We understand that Audit will be based on the number of patients who have received the LOSTAAR brand during the 3 month eligibility period as compared to the number of patients who have had the BSF claimed.  If the numbers match, no questions asked.  Contact Audit for further details.