Re-order point and re-order quantity can be set on the F4 stock screen for any medicine on the Toniq Database.

Should I use Re-Order points and quantities?

There is no definitive answer. Typically they should only be used if a particular medicine is not ordering in the way you expect, however, setting reorder points and quantities can override order settings and cause ordering issues if not configured correctly.

(e.g. in the highlighted examples, the Max/Min days cover are ignored).

How do they work?

The table below shows their effect when used independently and/or together 

Order is set to a min cover of 7 days and max of 14 days

Usage (medicine) is approximately 5 packs/week

* If this is used to order to wholesaler outer packs use Price Lists

If a medicine's usage changes, then the re-order points and/or quantities may have to be adjusted manually.

Medicines with ReOP/ReOq's set can be reviewed using the User Maintained Medicine Report    

  • 3. Reports
  • 3. Medicine Reports
  • 2. User Maintained Medicines
  • Then tick Reorder Point/Quantity/MaxSOH and F12
  • Report will show ReOp ReOq and Max SOH values for medicines, where these have been set