Maximum Stock on Hand can be set on the F4 stock screen for any medicine on the Toniq database

  • Max SOH overrides all other ordering rules (Except the defer until dispense and/or don't order flags)
  • The medicine will not be ordered if the resultant buy quantity causes SOH to exceed the Maximum stock set
  • UNLESS the medicine is owed or in negative stock. Then the minimum number of packs will be ordered to cover the owing/negative stock even if this exceeds the max SOH 
  • If max SOH is set to zero the behavior will be similar to a permanently set 'defer until dispensed' flag


Order parameters are set to cover of 7 to 14 days for a medicine with approximately 5p/week usage

  • SOH in Retail Stockpoints is NOT considered
  • Medicines with Max SOH can be reviewed using the user maintained medicine report
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