For example The Community Pharmacy portal or EAR website.

This website provides and stores registration information about specific patient services like CRC, LTC, CDOS, CPAMS

The information stored informs payments to pharmacy for these services so it is wise for pharmacy to monitor the information regularly.

Pharmacies are emailed a pharmacy specific ‘link’ by the MOH support services which can be setup as a function key shortcut in Toniq Dispensary and used to rapidly launch the website from any workstation.

Setup a shortcut function key to the Community Pharmacy Portal

To create a Dispensary specific shortcut:

  • From any Toniq menu F1 Help, F10 Edit URL
  • Press ENTER to review current URLs and to view available function keys.
  • Press F3 Add
  • Type in the name to appear on the assigned function key : e.g. Phmcy~Portal or MOH~ Eligibility

            The between letters word wraps the name over the 2 available lines, 

  • Type in/copy the pharmacy specific ‘link’ from the email that the MOH sent into the url.   
  • Leave the Retail function key box blank
  • Use [spacebar] to select an available F key for Dispensary.
  • F12 Accept Details


Press F1 Help, then F5 MOH , to launch the portal website

from anywhere in Dispensary on any workstation.

Press F5 for the Community Pharmacy Portal or MOH Eligibility Registration website.